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The air pollution inside your car can be 2-5 times more than that of the outside. To combat this problem our scientists came up with a revolutionary technology called AMT which brings the WHO Air Quality inside your car and protects you from PM2.5, PM10, germs, bacteria, odour and pollen. All this with more ease, efficiency and effectiveness as compared to a conventional air purifier.

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This product can be termed as the epitome of efficiency unlike ordinary Air filters fitted in cars which can't protect you from pollution. Airlens Car Air Sanitizer very skilfully banishes harmful particles, bacteria, germs and toxic gases at a much higher speed than a Car Air purifier because of its inbuilt technology and Car's powerful fan system. These sanitizers come with a life span of 6 months.

Airlens Car Air Sanitizer Benefits

Let’s understand the Airlens Car Air Sanitizer's functionality diagrammatically. As soon as the air flow enters, it goes through 3 layers before it gets ready for you to breathe. Layer 1 is where dust and pollen gets captured. Layer 2, which is called the AMT layer, where PM2.5, PM10, bacteria, and other germs are captured. Then the air comes to the 3rd layer where it meets optimally packed activated carbon material that traps harmful gases, VOCs, and odour.

Takes Down AQI in
2 minutes, as per WHO standards*

Performance matters and we deliver. Our Car Air Sanitizers bring down Air Quality Index (AQI) to an excellent level within 2 minutes, thus ensuring WHO standards of air quality.

One-Tenth cost of Air Purifier

Cost saving is the new smart. Airlens brings you a promise of healthy breathing without digging deep in your pockets. AIRLENS Car Air Sanitizer comes at 1/10th the cost of a purifier. Also, saving you from high maintenance of these purifiers.

AMT (Active Molecular Technology)

Active Molecular Technology or AMT is an innovative technology invented by our team, which purifies air without hampering the flow of air passing through its membrane.​

Our technology transforms the way we look at hazards of air pollution, which escalates to the preventive measures in the healthcare sector. Based on molecular trapping mechanisms, it entraps harmful air particles of size 2.5 microns in air with an efficiency of 99%.​ A major breakthrough in this technology is that it offers very less air flow resistance.​​​

It uses specially designed molecules that attract pollutants passing through the filter membrane and capture them while allowing pure air to pass through freely. Buy Now

Trust of Giants on our
World’s 1st Active Molecular Technology

When the World's leading automobile giants like Volvo, a brand which is recognised for its safety and consumer comfort trusts our World's 1st AMT, it matters. In 2018, Volvo in association with Airlens did Air Pollution awareness campaign in more than 15 cities across India. It made headlines and reached millions of people. The Airlens Car Air Sanitizer is based on the same revolutionary AMT.

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Installing the Airlens Car Air Sanitizer is quick and easy. Do It Yourself or consult your local mechanic.

Do It Yourself Steps to install AIRLENS Car Air Sanitizer

Locate your car’s cabin filter/AC filter compartment (usually located behind the glove box)

1 Open the cabin filter/AC filter compartment

2 Pull out the existing Non PM2.5, Non Anti-Bacterial ordinary filter

3 Now put the Airlens Car Air Sanitizer in the space provided

4 Close the compartment (and the glove box)

5 Make sure that your car’s windows and doors are closed properly

6 Turn ON the AC/fan in re-circulation mode and
Breathe WOW!

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