Mask Test Result speaks
louder than words

How not to
wear a mask!

What makes us different?

This mask is built with India made World's 1st Active Molecular Technology by scientists from IIT, AIIMS and Stanford University which makes the quality and efficiency of an expensive mask, comparable to INR 1000-2000 in the market with a sub 400 pricing.

Don't hoard, buy 1 mask for 1 person, so that we can serve more people.

Know more about our N99 Level re-usable Protection Mask

Specially designed
for Viruses

Complimentart Sun Sanitizing zipper for better protection

  • Sun Sanitization process to kill Viruses, Germs and Bacteria given at the back of the pack
    Follow it to reduce the number of washes and increase mask life.

  • HDPE transparent polyethene for Sunrays to pass

Adjustable Mask Strap/ Sport Cord

  • Neck Strap- to avoid putting the mask on contaminated surfaces, for better protection while not in use.

Other Features

Awards for the Technology

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